S & A = 3

My wife Andrea and I have been working on something together, and thought that it was high time to tell everyone about it!

Backman Photo is expecting a new addition to the team on October 1st 2018!

We look forward to taking millions of photos of our new little model! Hopefully she won’t mind too much!


DM on Demand

Hey Everyone!

Recently I worked with an old friend of mine Joshua Barbeau to take some photos at one of his sessions. Joshua has just launched a new business called DM on Demand. For the uninitiated, DM stands for Dungeon Master. A DM is someone who runs games of Dungeons & Dragons, basically the producer and director to the players.

Joshua’s new service allows any inclined individual to hire a DM to run a customized game of D&D at an event, party, or wherever!


Check out Joshua’s site here: www.dmondemand.ca